Goat Tape was built to support all athletes. From calisthenics to the gridiron, Goat Tape will stabilize your ankles, keep your hands safe and ensure you’re in your top form.  Use Promo Code: thedropinapp when ordering.


To give our customers  whole, clean, unprocessed foods that contain real nutrition, quickly, with no fuss. We produce a “fast food” product that provides a healthy combination of carbohydrates, fat, and protein for the Cross-fit athlete, runner, yogi, power lifter, and everyone in between. Our goal is to encourage the growth of clean eating by giving consumers unprocessed, preservative free foods that promote nutrition and satiety. In addition,  we strive to create delicious recipes that can be greatly beneficial to people with autoimmune and digestive diseases by consuming our clean, low carb, refined sugar free, and gluten/grain free snacks and meals.


Founder Ricky Hirsch was shocked to discover that most jerky products are pumped full of sugar,
so he set out to create a jerky that is both healthy and delicious. By partnering with some of the world’s best Chefs,
consciously minimizing sugar and salt, and only using the healthiest ingredients, Ricky takes jerky from gas station food to health food.  Use Promo code: ThinkDropIn when ordering.


We want to encourage athletes,friends,and coworkers alike to go accomplish what scares them most. Whether it’s traveling abroad,meeting new people, or jumping out of a plane, we want to be there every step of the way, cheering YOU on, sharing experiences, laughing, drinking and more while forging camaraderie. Use Promo Code: thedropinapp when booking your trip. 


Our Mission is to provide a quality, functional and stylish knee sleeve that will stand up to our athletes’ training and competition protocol, day in and day out. It is our intent that our carefully manufactured products will enhance sport performance and muscle recovery for every athlete who puts on an Exo Sleeve.

XWOD Logo all black on white

The fitness level is catered to general fitness enthusiasts looking for a new edge, non-competitive Functional Fitness athletes, and traditional athletes who are looking to get ahead and stay ahead of everyone else in their respective sport, with minimal gym time available.  This program builds a strong explosive training foundation in Phases 1 & 2 with two workouts per week, and in phases 3-6 the individual is structured into 3 workouts a week.


LIFEAID BEVERAGE CO. is the leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products for active lifestyles. ever any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.  Use Code: DROPINAPP15 at check out!


Atlas Power Wraps protect your wrists by providing support and stability to the wrist during a workout. The wraps minimize stress to the joints and allow for a more complete workout. All of our wraps are manufactured in Los Angeles using the finest materials available.  Use Promo Code: TheDropInApp when placing your order.

When we created Marc Pro, we dismissed the outdated, generic electrical stimulation principles set forth in decades-old research studies. We also did not base our product on questionable theories or research on other products. Use Promo Code: TheDropInApp when ordering.

“A Scientific Approach to Hand Protection”

The BarAides were created back in 2011 when CrossFit Affiliate Cup Athlete Louisa Mezache needed hand protection for her rigorous training regime.  She started by hand making these for herself (RX+ BarAides Model) so she did not have to make a new set of grips every time she needed hand protection during a workout.

We started W.O.D Welder as a result of being fed up with our own torn hands. Every time after an intense few days of wods, our hands were torn to pieces which made us frustrated and prevented us from completing our work-outs. In an effort to try and fix our raw hands, we sampled a traditional salve which had been made by a local company. Once we realized that our skin was mending overnight, we asked them to work on a custom version which was specifically for athletes.

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