The Drop In Road Trip

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16 Jan The Drop In Road Trip

Here is a tentative map of ‪#‎thedropinapp‬ road trip starting Jan 17th! We are gonna hit so many cities and shooting on visiting 100+ ‪#‎affiliates‬ during this time. If you are in any of these cities and want to work out or lift or hang let us know!! We are down for some adventure and meeting such an amazing ‪#‎community‬Contact Us!

From: Ft Lauderdale, FL US
To: Orlando, FL US
To: Jacksonville, FL US
To: Savannah, GA US
To: Charleston, SC US
To: Raleigh, NC US
To: Richmond, VA US
To: Washington, DC US
To: Boston, MA US
To: Philadelphia, PA US
To: Cleveland, OH US
To: Columbus, OH US
To: Chicago, IL US
To: Milwaukee, WI US
To: St. Cloud, MN US
To: Fargo, ND US
To: Bismarck, ND US
To: Great Falls, MT US
To: Spokane, WA US
To: Seattle, WA US
To: Portland, OR US
To: San Francisco, CA US
To: San Jose, CA US
To: Los Angeles, CA US
To: Las Vegas, NV US
To: Salt Lake City, UT US
To: Denver, CO US
To: Wichita, KS US
To: Oklahoma City, OK US
To: Dallas, TX US
To: Houston, TX US
To: New Orleans, LA US
To: Memphis, TN US
To: Tuscaloosa, AL US
To: Atlanta, GA US
To: Fort Lauderdale, FL US

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